Upper Mary Pitcher Falls
Bennett Brook Falls

Mary Pitcher Falls

IMGP0567 WM Mary Pitcher Falls are one of the tallest falls in New Brunswick. Mary Pitcher Falls are located at the intersection of the Big Salmon River and the Mary Pitcher Stream in the Fundy foothills south of Hammondvale.  Mary Pitcher Falls plunges from the cliffs guarding the Big Salmon River valley, and snakes through the broken bedrock in a series of pools before falling into the Big Salmon River.  The views from the top of the falls and the falls experience provide you with sample of the gems that can be found deep in the New Brunswick wilderness.

Getting to the falls is no short order either, especially if you use non-motorized travel IMGP0556IMGP0558(bike or foot) to get to Mary Pitcher Stream. Follow the directions to Upper Mary Pitcher Falls.  From the upper falls, continue down stream on the east side of the water.  There are a few yellow blazes wrapped around tree trunks and a visible path through the forest.  The path will lead you down to the cliff top above Mary Pitcher Falls.  Use caution in this area as the drop is extreme.  The safest way to reach the bottom is to bypass the cliff by going east through the woods before reaching the cliff.  Once you see a bolder field from a rockslide (see right), work your way down to the IMGP0560river.  Once at the river, return down river toward the falls.  Once you reach the base, you'll realize that a full picture can't be taken due to the close proximity of the large rocks.  The best pictures are taken from across the Big Salmon River.  This river is fast during high water and caution is advised.  (During my visit in late October, the current was very strong.)  Return the same way.  There are a few pools for swimming along the Mary Pitcher Stream if you have the energy!


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